Our purpose is to provide a safe, courteous and reliable transit service which responds to the needs of our community.


St. Catharines Paratransit is a specialized bus transportation service operated to assist those with mobility difficulties.


Did you know tickets can be purchased right through our St. Catharines Transit app? Available right from the app store.


A list of all routes and schedules are always available online. We also offer real-time bus information.

Travelling on transit on the weekends just got easier.

Starting on May 14, 2022 and every weekend and holiday until September 4, 2022, all family passes and day passes are $3. A day pass is available for one person and a family pass is for up to 2 adults and 3 children. These passes are available on the bus or on the Transit App. Try Transit this weekend!

Photo of a St. Catharines Transit On Demand Bus

Changes in Port Weller East and West St. Catharines Trans Cab Service

St. Catharines Transit is excited to announce a new service to replace existing TransCab services. St. Catharines Transit On Demand is a new service that will pick up passengers in the current TransCab areas and drop them off at a bus stop close to their destination or to transfer into the fixed route network. For West St. Catharines information, click here. For Port Weller East information, click here.

Picture of St. Catharines bus #2104.  The 2000th bus in the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative.

St. Catharines Transit receives 2000th Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative (TPI) Bus

St. Catharines Transit is proud to have received the 2000th bus in the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative (TPI). For more information on the TPI program, please click here.

Icon indicating free transit to vaccination appointments.

Free Transit to Vaccination Appointments

St. Catharines Transit is proud to offer free transit fare to and from vaccination appointments. Please show your driver your appointment confirmation (paper or electronic) to get to your appointment. Show your vaccination receipt for your return trip.

Recovery Plan
Operate at normal service
levels while keeping you safe.

All health and safety measures are in line with provincial and federal guidelines. As part of the recovery plan, the St. Catharines Transit Commission will restore normal service levels and create more space for customers on buses.

The Niagara Regional Council passed a temporary face covering by-law which requires face coverings in enclosed public spaces, and on regional and municipal transit during the COVID-19 pandemic. This by-law is to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in indoor public spaces as more businesses and services being to reopen.

With the by-law, the Niagara Region has made the wearing of masks on public transit mandatory. St Catharines Transit is reminding its riders, and those visiting its facilities, to wear a mask or face covering. Masks must be worn before entering buses, terminals, Paratransit buses and contracted taxis. Click here for additional resources.

What’s New?

The latest changes to the services, by-law restrictions, fares, routes and schedules, all right here.

  • December 31 Service
    On December 31, 2022, St. Catharines Transit service will be extended 2 hours. Last buses will leave the terminal at 1:45 am (Jan. 01). Buses…
  • December 24 Service
    On December 24, 2022, St. Catharines Transit service will be ending early. The last buses will depart the bus terminal at 7:45 pm.
  • Update to Transit Fares
    Niagara Region Transit will connect all of Niagara through a single system by consolidating the existing Niagara Region Transit, Niagara Falls Transit, St. Catharines, Welland…

Get the App!

Download the Transit app from the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store today for real-time bus information.

Get the Transit App

We are pleased to introduce the Transit App. This app will allow users to know in real-time when their bus will arrive at the stop they are waiting at. Users can plan a trip with the trip planner or follow the bus along on the map. There are links to our website that will allow users to know of detours and other important information. And, if you’re looking to purchase your ride card, 31-day pass or Day Pass on your smartphone, St Catharines Transit also offers Mobile Ticketing on the Transit app.

For technical information please contact info@transitapp.com.

Download the app from the App Store on your iPhone, or from the Google Play Store on Android to your smartphone. Then create an account and you can purchase your 31-Day Pass, 10 Ride card, One Ride or Day Pass on your phone. It is that easy.

Once you have purchased your product, activate it just before getting on your bus and show the active ticket to the Bus Operator.

Should your have an issue with your app purchase you can use the feedback option within the app. Always ensure that you are logged into the app before sending a feedback request.

For more information please contact us.